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Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamp
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  • The pulse start uniform metal halide lamps has following better advantage than the ordinary metal halide lamps

    A, More Light Output, Higher Luminous Efficiency

    *. 20% Initial Luminous Flux be increased.

    B. Longer Life

    * The life hours of the lamps be increased 50%, deducted the expenditure for replacing lamps, decreased the using cost of the lamps.

    C., Excellent Maintained Luminous Flux

    Because the lamp should be used with the pulse started igniter under the U.S Standard and the ballast with low current wave crest coefficient, it will guarantee that the time of the lamps¡¯ light decay be extended for 40%, the result is that the output of the luminous flux be went up definitely.

    D, Good Start Ability on Lower Temperature

    Because the lamp should be used with the pulse started igniter and ballast which designed under the U.S. Standard,  so the pulse start metal halide lamps could be started regularly on the lower temperature -40¡æ

    E, Much Quick Start and Restart

    * On the basis of the unique design for the shape of the arc tube, the higher pressure for gas-filled, and the accession of Kr86, and the pulse started igniter under The U.S. Standard, if compare with the ordinary metal halide lamps, the start speed will be faster, and the time for the preheat and re-start will be shorten 60%

    F. Better Consistency for Color Temperature

    *.Because the unique design of the molding shape of the lamp¡¯s arc tube, the invariableness of the tube wall¡¯s thickness and shape, it guarantee that the consistency of the arc tube when they are working on high temperature, and decrease 150K of the color windage, the color windage of the ordinary metal halide lamp is 300K.